Work zone speed limits: Follow the signs not the barrels

Aug 20, 2018

Safety is a priority for SH 130 Concession Co., and we are doing all that we can to keep drivers and workers safe during reconstruction along the facility.

Reducing speeds in and around work zones is a critical part of this effort, and it’s important that drivers understand and respect the law.

The Texas Department of Transportation has established a speed limit of 65 mph within one mile of all construction zones along SH 130 and reduced the speed limit to 75 mph approximately half a mile prior to that.

Legal speed limits are posted on black and white signs.

The reduced speed limits become the law when drivers reach these signs and remain the maximum legal speeds until the next sign posting a higher speed limit regardless of whether workers, orange barrels or any sign of construction are visible.

When multiple work zones occur within a couple of miles of each other, the reduced speed limit stays in effect until the end of the final work zone.

“People misunderstand and think the speed limit only changes where the barrels are placed or where a lane is closed,” said Texas Department of Public Safety Sergeant Jay W. Vanden Bos. “Drivers need to obey the black and white signs and stay at or below the reduced speed limit until they see a sign posting a higher speed limit.”

Speeding in work zones can be costly for drivers with fines up to $1,000 when workers are present. These increased penalties can apply even if workers are not visible from the location where drivers are pulled over.

Tailgating in construction zones is also dangerous and can result in a ticket and a $200 fine.

We give drivers plenty of advance notice of upcoming work zones and changes to the legal speed limit, posting orange and black signs advising drivers to slow down 1,500 feet before the legal limit changes.

With construction traffic continually moving in and out of the work zones, it is very important to be aware and drive with caution.

The consequences of speeding or tailgating in a work zone can be deadly as well as costly.

Please help us keep everyone safe by staying alert and obeying the signs.

Remember, everyone on SH 130 needs to get home to somebody, including those working as well as those driving through.

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