The fastest way between Austin And San Antonio.

SH 130 has paved the way for trucking fleets as an easy workaround from I-35 and its notorious congestion. It’s a safe, reliable, time saving, and cost effective alternative.

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The Problems with I-35

When it comes to choosing between SH 130 and I-35, the benefits are obvious.

Likelihood of a weekday accident on I-35 vs. SH 130.

Average minutes saved by taking SH 130 during afternoon peak.

Percentage of I-35 drives with a greater than 15 minute delay.

Percent chance for a driver timeout due to unexpected delays on I-35.

The fastest way between Austin and San Antonio

SH 130 serves as a fast, safe, and reliable bypass of I-35

Traffic Bypass

  • SH 130 is a reliable alternative to I-35, the most congested roadway in Texas.
  • San Antonio and Austin metro areas are the fastest growing in the US.

Safe Conditions

  • I-35 has 5x more accidents than SH 130.
  • The average cost of a large truck crash is about $120,000.

Time and Cost Savings

  • Save up to 60 minutes during peak times.
  • A 2-hour trip on SH 130 is within 15 minutes of estimated arrival time 99% of the time, whereas I-35 is 18% within 15 minutes. 
  • The average speed on SH 130 is 25mph more than I-35.
  • Lost revenue, late fees and increased mpg due to congestion on I-35 costs 2-3x more than the cost of tolls on SH 130. 
Map of Traffic in Central TX

“Driving on SH 130 gave me ease while traveling to Austin. I normally get anxiety with traffic, but on SH 130, I could cruise at a reasonable speed and did not have trouble with traffic jams! It made my commute to Austin enjoyable and I wasn’t worried about the fees because of how easy it made my trip.”

Commercial Driver

A toll that pays for itself.

Additional minutes saved per one-way peak trip (6-9 AM, 3-7 PM).

Additional total cost per one-way trip on I-35 due to congestion.

Additional costs a trucking company incurs in 17 minutes of I-35 congestion as a percentage of the total SH 130 toll fee.

“I haul for Domino’s Pizza out of Grand Prairie. My runs take me down to Brownsville. I have been driving on SH 130 ever since it opened. I enjoy the quietness of my drive away from the big city traffic.”

Regional Driver


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