More than 1,000 Days Injury Free

SH 130 Concession Co. recently marked 1,000 consecutive days as an injury free workplace.

We are extremely proud of our company’s safety record, especially given that many of our workers must routinely operate in inclement weather, perform their jobs in close proximity to high-speed traffic and encounter more than the occasional rattlesnake lurking in the grass.

Safety doesn’t happen by accident.

We work hard to maintain a culture that makes the health and wellbeing of our employees a top priority.

It all starts with training.

Every employee on our maintenance crew receives two days of training before they are sent out on the road. Employees learn about the proper use of personal protective equipment, proper protocol for traffic control and working safely in a variety of conditions including confined spaces and hot weather.

Our workers are encouraged to take extra time in order to be thoughtful and perform each task as safely as possible. They are reminded that no task is so important or urgent that it requires compromising on safety.

This training is reinforced in regular task-specific “tail-gate” discussions and monthly safety meetings where employees are trained or retrained on specific safety topics.

We’re doing all we can to keep our workers safe, and we think it shows in the results.

But we need your help maintaining a safe environment for our workers and the driving public.

April is Distracted Driving Awareness Month, and we are asking that everyone be extra vigilant behind the wheel, especially when workers are present.

Taking your eyes off the road for just two seconds doubles the risk of a crash that endangers you, other drivers and workers nearby.

Everyone that works and drives along the roadway has family and friends who love him or her. We are committed to doing everything we can as a company to ensure that everyone who works along or drives the southern section of SH 130 returns home or arrives at their destination safely each day. Please do your part and stay alert behind the wheel to help us achieve this important goal.

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