Segments 5 & 6

About SH 130 Segments 5 and 6

Segments 5 & 6 of State Highway 130 form a 41-mile link through Travis, Caldwell and Guadalupe counties to I-10 near Seguin. This $1.35 billion project was built and will be operated by the SH 130 Concession Company, LLC in partnership with the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT).

Segments 5 & 6 are a continuation of the northern segments of SH 130 – from Georgetown in Williamson County to Mustang Ridge in southeast Travis County – that began opening to traffic in segments in late 2006. With segments 5 & 6 completed, SH 130 is a new 91-mile toll way that will provide needed relief to congested I-35 through Central Texas.

Segments 5 & 6 of SH 130 required the acquisition of property and property rights for the new roadway. TxDOT oversaw all right of way acquisition procedures, and the State of Texas is the record titleholder to all of the right of way and roadway acquired for this project.

The SH 130 Concession Company continues to be committed to the maintenance and operations of segments 5 & 6, while maintaining the environmental integrity of the area, promoting communications with the public and working with the communities that are impacted by the project.

Drivers on segments 5 & 6 will enjoy the benefits of open road tolling, meaning tolls will be collected without the use of toll-booths. Motorists will be able to drive the entire 41-mile section of SH 130 at highway speeds without having to slow down or stop to pay the toll. Drivers on segments 5 & 6 will be able to pay their tolls using a TxTag, Dallas TollTag or Houston EZ TAG.

SH 130 Segments 5 & 6 Facility Concession Agreement (FCA)

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