Is the southern section of SH 130 a private toll road?

SH 130 Segments 5 & 6 is a publicly owned facility that is privately operated and maintained by SH 130 Concession Co.

SH 130 Concession Co. built the roadway at no cost to the state and operates and maintains the road under a 50-year Facility Concession Agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation.

The Texas Department of Transportation oversaw, but did not pay for, the acquisition of all right of way and roadways required. The State of Texas is the title holder of record.

How much are the tolls?

Please see our posted rates here.

How are toll rates set? 

Toll rates are regulated by the Texas Department of Transportation under the terms of the Facility Concession Agreement.

How are tolls collected on segments 5 and 6 of SH 130?

Segments 5 & 6 of SH 130 have an all-electronic toll collection system, allowing motorists to travel at highway speeds without stopping at toll plazas and looking for coins. Drivers can pay their tolls with TxTag, a small electronic sticker that attaches to the windshield and automatically deducts toll fees from a prepaid account.

What is the speed limit on SH 130 Segments 5 & 6?

The Texas Department of Transportation has determined that SH 130 Segments 5 and 6 may be safely traveled at 85 miles per hour, the highest legal speed limit in the United States.